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Do you support finding a solution to protect Dreamers?


Should Congress act to address climate change?


Do you support solutions for gun violence?


Congressman Garamendi is a fierce opponent of the twin tunnels project, which would siphon water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to Southern California. Do you support or oppose the twin tunnels project? 


Congressman Garamendi supports "dig once" policies that lower the cost of rural broadband deployment by including new fiber-optic cable lines in every federally-funded infrastructure project. Do you support or oppose additional broadband deployment in rural communities?  


Congressman Garamendi supports net neutrality protections that prevent Internet service providers from limiting Americans' access to the Internet. Do you support or oppose net neutrality? 


Congressman Garamendi supports legislation that would expand apprenticeship and job training programs, and increase "Buy American" policies that require public infrastructure projects to be built with American-sourced materials. Do you support or oppose job training and Buy American policies? 


Congressman Garamendi introduced legislation that would allow student loan borrowers to refinance their loans at a lower rate. Do you support or oppose efforts to allow Americans to refinance their student loans?  


What are your top 3 concerns for Congress in 2018?






Please describe specific legislative actions you would like to see Congressman Garamendi take.